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Since Moira had told him that he was going to be a dad (TO A CHILD HE WAS HAVING WITH HER!) Rupert had maybe gone a little baby crazy. There was a pile of books almost as tall as he was on how to look after babies (and books on pregnancy too) in his dorm, and he had spent practically all weekend regaling Vincent with the things he'd found out. Then he'd gone out of his way to make sure that Moira was being taken care of, so their baby was being taken care of. It was very important. Sometimes Rupert talked to her tummy (even though the baby was still kind of a tadpole-y blob (according to the baby books)) and was just generally going a little bit spastic about it.

The best part had been the "#1 Dad!" t-shirt he'd made himself. It looked like the ones you could get in shops, and Rupert had taken to wearing all over the place. Especially in places where he could announce that he was soon to become a dad. A DAD! #1 dad, even.
rwindsorjones: "Dear diary... in the past two days I have: started a revolution, had sex in the common room, found out there were people in the common room at the time, cut a person with a sword and launched my revolution."
rwindsorjones: O_O
Miko Kristi: oh man
rwindsorjones: "Tomorrow I shall go and invade some classes. Love, Rupert."
More fluff, cause it's that kind of day.

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I could keep writing fluff forever. I feel that's letting the cruel bitches part down.


More fic!

So I may have done something like reread all the cruel bitch fics last night and discover that there are SO MANY MORE angst fics than fluff ones. And because it's the first day of spring, I'm in a fluffy mood. There may be more than one fluff fic today.

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Mmm, fluff and spring.


This is angsty and a little bit pr0ny.

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Aug. 25th, 2006

Right well, this was supposed to be a little bit longer and end with a very drunken gay guy offering to shag a loud mouthed chav but when I got to a certain point it seemed so perfect as it was, so Lav and Pete will have to wait for another time. Instead, here's some more Rupe and Mo.

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Fic time! It's fluff.

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More fic. Set in sixth year. It's what I do.

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